PMERANUS presents:

Singing Masterclass with Pamela Gauna

PMERANUS is proud to present 2 amazing singing workshops with Pamela Gauna, an Argentine performer, vocal coach, dancer and choreographer that has developed a new technique called SOM (Sound Of Movement). It took years of research and training to develop this technique, serving not only in the artistic field, but also in academic fields such as social communication, where she studied for many years before being selected by Julio Bocca and Chet Walker to study with a scholarship in Buenos Aires. Then she moved from Entre Rios, her hometown, to Buenos Aires and began to learn from many different teachers. During this time she had the opportunity to perform and learn with and from various dancers, actors and musicians. She won the Point park University scholarship from Pittsburgh, and she studied the Fedora Aberastury technique and Sound therapy with the musician and shaman, TOBA GAUNA CEJAS, recognised in India from his healing work as a Piogonack (Singing Healer). Lately she has worked as a vocal coach and composer, and her students have gained international recognition by winning awards in San Remo Junior, The Voice of Germany, Junior Eurovision, X Factor Malta and Britain’s Got Talent. Today she lives in Malta. As a singer she has worked with amazing musicians like Jota Morelli, Roxana Amed, who is also her mentor, and she has even been chosen as a background singer for Marc Sway in Switzerland. As a dancer she performed with Julio Bocca, Emanuel Abruzzo and in musical theatre with Juan Rodo.

In the singing masterclass workshops, you will explore two main themes: “The voice within music styles,” and “The construction of the identity.” The first deals with understanding the different ingredients of every style of music, and learning how to use them to perform a song, as well as articulating words, rhythms, and melodies in different styles. The second makes a reference to work in embrace our voice, accepting who we are, and build an image that truly represents our essence and our artistic message to the world.

It has been a few years since Pamela’s last workshop took place at the Tanzhaus Zurich. For the next two singing masterclass workshops, Pamela is looking forward to the creative experiences with local artists.

The singing masterclass workshops with Pamela Guana will take place at Probebühne / Dynamo in Zurich, on 24.11.2019. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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